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May Inspiration

by Mariuccia Micallef Grimaud

Mariuccia's name is synonymous with the biennial theatre performances "May Inspiration" in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund. These cultural shows, held at Malta's leading theatres, comprise of Floral Art, Haute Couture, Classical Ballet and Music.

Mariuccia shares the stage with her daughters Nadine and Glorian, also UK qualified Floral Demonstrators. In consecutive order they create  beautiful  floral arrangements on stage  to  complement their own dress creations being paraded on the catwalk. Each session is performed in the artist's unique style, all the while adhering to her chosen theme. Many of the gowns designed by Mariuccia, Nadine and Glorian are also hand-painted by themselves resulting in stunningly beautiful dresses. 

Between  each floral and modelling session audiences are treated to amazing  ballet performances, poetry recitals, classical songs and in some editions, piano concertos.

Highlights from the May Inspiration Series (1980-1989)

The Movie

More than eighteen hours of May Inspiration 8mm film and VHS footage condensed into this five minute movie. The film highlights some of the outstanding live stage performances produced by Mariuccia and family throughout the eighties. Worth noting is the gargantuan effort needed to set up shows of this calibre and size. The 1989 edition alone had a complement of over 100 performers and models on stage, 14 sound, light and stage technicians and ten helpers back stage. The 1989 edition was compared by Jerry Gambin and Anna Bonanno. The stage was managed by Aldo Micallef Grimaud. Mario  was responsible for the theme music and special effects.


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