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The above eight-foot-high exhibit , all in plant material, was an awesome sight when exhibited at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.




One of the imposing Christmas Demonstrations held at the prestigious Palais de Congres' in Brussels. These huge exhibits occupied the whole width of the entire stage.



"A Flemish Painting"

A Floral Arrangement in the "Old Master Style"


"Painting with Flowers"


An Asymmetrical Triangle.


Mariuccia M Grimaud created these stunning arrangements for the opening of the premises of Middle Sea Insurance Brokers.



Floral Demonstration

Mariuccia was invited to give Floral Demonstrations in Ashford and Shorne - Kent, United Kingdom.



Dress Design

This silk hand-painted dress was sent to Princess Diana as a present for her Wedding Day. It was much admired, as officially quoted by her aide-de-camp.




Mariuccia and her husband Aldo singing a "terzetto" from the operetta "Geisha" at the Gaiety Theatre in Sliema under the late Maestro Manche`.



"May Inspiration"

Mariuccia and Aldo again, albeit much later, on the cat-walk of the Manoel Theatre waving to the hundreds of people present after another hugely successful performance of "May Inspiration". All proceeds from these shows go to the Malta Community Chest Fund. The President of the Republic of the time, the Hon. Agatha Barbara sits in the middle Presidential Stall.



Malta's Heritage

The tenth 'Gran Finale' of the May Inspiration series. "Malta's Heritage" was the sub-title  -'Folklore'-'Fireworks'-'Hagar Qim'-'Lace and Pottery'. Other May Inspirations with different titles were held at the Manoel Theatre, The Phoenicia Hotel, and at the prestigious Museum of Archaeology in Valletta.











Plant Jewellery

The above collier and broach were made entirely of natural plant material to be worn during 'May Inspiration' shows.  Mariuccia, Nadine and Glorian mounted a stunning exhibition of plant jewellery at San Anton Chapel by kind permission of the President of the Republic the Hon. Prof. Guido DeMarco. It was inaugurated by Minister George Pullicino.


A Carnival Mask made entirely of Plant Material.



Cloth Sculpture



Life-Size Arrangements

Commissioned by the Government of Malta to commemorate "Maltese Heritage" , left to right - Fireworks, Folklore (Zepp u Grezz), and Pottery.




 Some of Mariuccia's favourite paintings.










Painting Exhibitions

A collective family exhibition of paintings at the Phoenicia Meridien Hotel in Floriana organized by U.N.E.S.C.O.(Malta) Club President Mr.Albert Rutter (right). It was inaugurated by the Hon.Evarist Bartolo.



Aldo Micallef-Grimaud (left) singing an Aria. He is accompanied by his wife Mariuccia on the pianoforte and noted composer F.X.Pisani on the violin.



Mariuccia frequently accompanied her husband who is a tenor. She trained schoolchildren for theatrical plays and was also a teacher and scriptwriter.


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